My son Cooper, is 4 years old and like many households around the country, Elf on the Shelf or “Elfie” as Cooper calls him, has been visiting each day since December 1st. Cooper wakes each morning with anticipation of finding “Elfie” in the house and is overwhelmed with joy when he finds him.

What would our schools look like if our students, teachers and building leaders woke each morning with anticipation of returning to work to see what the new school day had in store? Each level of school district personnel play a role in building this anticipation. Central office leaders, play a role in ensuring our building leaders anticipate the next time they are in a meeting or the next time they pick up the phone with an idea that is outside of the box, modeling the risk taking we want to see from our teachers. Building administrators play a role in ensuring our teachers and staff members have the same youthful anticipation that Cooper exhibits as they return to work each day, with a new opportunity to lead our students in new learning opportunities and experiences.

Teachers play a role in building anticipation for students, who want to return each day, eager to own their learning. As we work towards building anticipation in our schools and districts, we build mindsets, we build hope and we inspire those who surround us to anticipate the next opportunity to positively impact learning in our schools. 

Written by Matthew Arend

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