The 9/16/17 #LeadUpChat focused on Capital Over Compliance within a greater chat series theme Flipped. The chat was lively and chock full of practical ideas for flipping faculty and team learning from an environment of compliance to one of engagement and deeper purpose. This blog is going to encapsulate the best ideas shared by the #LeadUpChat PLN for the purpose of giving you powerful takeaways to help anyone overhaul whole group learning into time dedicated to engaging professional learning and collaboration.


Question one asked, “I can’t wait for tomorrow’s staff meeting SAID NO TEACHER EVER! Why is this true?” Check out four compelling reasons why faculty meetings are notoriously famous for being life drains.


Danny Steele‏ @SteeleThoughts

Because they generally remind teachers of WHAT they have to do… not WHY they have to do it. #LeadUpChat


Katie McLain‏ @kamclain

A1: Teachers need takeaways not throwaways. Show them something they can immediately implement, and you will see a spark. #LeadUpChat


Jeff Veal‏ @heffrey

A1) Any time you have a “captive” audience strive to make it compelling. To often, people just feel “held captive” in meetings. #Leadupchat


David Culberhouse‏ @DCulberhouse

Most of our meetings focus on compliance, not learning. Add constraints, having skin in the game leads to engagement, commitment #leadupchat


Another question during the 9/16 #LeadUpChat challenged the PLN to explain what justifies a meeting, bringing teammates together? In other words, what is the rationale for meeting together in the first place? Below are six #LeadUpChat voices sharing their why for professionals to come together face-to-face.


Heidi Veal @VealHeidi

A2 Simply put, to do things that the team can ONLY do TOGETHER/F2F. #leadupchat


Steven Weber‏ @curriculumblog

A2: One reason for bringing the team together is to build “community” This does not happen when a leader does all of the talking #leadupchat


Michelle Phillips‏ @edtechPhillips

A2 anything that celebrates success, engages teachers in learning and/or will directly impact Ss #leadupchat


Latoya Dixon, Ph.D.‏ @latoyadixon5

A2 I reject the idea that meetings, in general, are unnecessary & irrelevant. The key is how you make them meaningful for participants #leadupchat


Michele Hill‏ @HillMrispo

#leadupchat @ToddWhitaker says that staff meeting should leave you more motivated than before you came in! Why not flip it?@PaulBerardelli


Jeff Veal‏ @heffrey

A3) Productive gatherings include… Voice Choice Ownership An atmosphere of “our” work not “your” work. #Leadupchat

We’ve hashed and rehashed the unfortunate events that create faculty meeting fails and shared the most important reasons for face-to-face gatherings.  If you are anything like me, you are ready for practical, helpful, and applicable ideas for creating increasingly engaging gatherings for teams and staff.


I recently had the extraordinary opportunity to learn directly from Peter DeWitt, author of multiple Corwin Press books including Collaborative Leadership and School Climate. He taught about building collective efficacy amongst staff and directly shared about the importance of making face-to-face meeting time increasingly learning and learner focused. One practical way to sharpen the focus and deepen the value of faculty and team gatherings is to employ these steps that Dewitt described:


  • Do a pre-assessment/pre-engagement survey of participants.
  • Use the commonly expressed needs from the pre-engagement survey to build the flipped learning around.
  • Send out content (article, video, etc.) and questions ahead of time for teammates to digest well before the groups come together.
  • When people are gathered, springboard off of the content and questions shared prior to the meeting.
  • Maximize time by quickly shifting participants into an activity designed to engage them in analyzing, applying, synthesizing, or evaluating the content.
  • The designed experience should lead colleagues to interact, problem solve, communicate, create, and collaborate beyond surface levels.


Let’s turn now to consult with the #LeadUpChat PLN one last time. You’re about to experience what makes a PLN one of the most valuable things you will ever create for yourself! This is a prime example of the power of connecting with diverse educators from around the world to share, learn, and grow all through coming together on platforms such as Twitter!


I’ve scoured the 9/16 #LeadUpChat archives to bring you twelve stand-out How To’s and Ideas For Flipping your next team or faculty meeting, taking it from Drab to Fab. Let’s have it #LeadUpChat PLN!


Paul Erickson‏ @PrincipalPaul

A3) Do a staff meeting via Twitter chat. Collaboratively with another school. @matthew_arend and I are working on this. #leadupchat

Dr. Todd Schmidt‏ @tsschmidty

A3: Great tools to increase whole-group engagement: 1. @padlet 2. @Flipgrid 3. @Mentimeter 4. @TodaysMeet #leadupchat


Jennifer Bufford‏ @jennifermbuff

#leadupchat A6: Set up learning centers lead by Ts. Have Ts rotate to the ones they think they need.@mmshady


Melissa Sepuka‏ @SepukaMel

A6 peak interest ahead of time w info and question to ponder w teams so we are warmed up and ready to dig in #leadupchat



Jodi Hebert‏ @mrshebert313

A6: Next PD mtg: breaking into groups. 1-visits rooms to find examples of what we’re learning 2-does hands-on PD Then switch. #leadupchat


Kathy Lott‏ @kathylott

A5 – to allow collaborative teams to form after selecting our individual ‘point of passion’ learning focus area – and go DEEP #leadupchat


Paul Erickson‏ @PrincipalPaul

A6) Ask teammates at the end of the meeting, “Did we invest in each other?” “Make a decision?” Learn something new?” #reflect #leadupchat

David Sheffield‏ @dasheffield23

A4: We had a scavenger hunt that included PD like Twitter, Flipgrid, Voxer, & had some other ideas like lunch out w/ colleagues. #leadupchat


Samantha Neill‏ @SJNeill13

A3: Let teachers lead. It’s that simple. #leadupchat


Heath M. Harmon‏ @Heath_M_Harmon

A6: We do this face to face as well as with our Teacher led 10 Minute Clinics, 2 Minute Drills, and Podcasts #leadupchat

Bret Bryant‏ @BretBryant

A2: We threw away faculty mtgs. Now we have IMPACT mtgs aimed at collaborating on accomplishing our goals. More effective. #leadupchat

Douglas Reeves‏ @DouglasReeves

Q6: Beware the illusion of consensus. Effective meetings involve debate and evaluation. #leadupchat

Michell Hill shared this…



I hope you’ve found today’s LeadUpNow blog post both enlightening and practical. To view the full archive of the 9/16 #LeadUpChat, check out the link on 



This is Heidi’s 16th year in education. During those years she taught third and second grade, served as a K-5 Response to Intervention Specialist, Instructional Coach at a K-5 Title 1 Bilingual campus, Assistant Principal at Lawson Early Childhood School, and currently serves as the Early Childhood Literacy and Programs Administrator for a large district in North Texas. As a digital, connected leader, she co-founded and co-moderate #ECEchat (a weekly Twitter chat for early childhood teachers, leaders, and experts), co-founded #LeadUpTeach YouTube,, and Twitter, and is a founding member of the #LeadUpChat  PLN. She is also a co-organizer for Edcamp Dallas and blog on BAM Radio Network’s blog EdWords,, for Ready Rosie, and with my husband, Jeff, on our shared blog jhveal.comFollow Heidi on Twitter @vealheidi @ecechat & @leadupteach

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