The holiday season should remind us all of the importance of family. It is a time of year where families travel near and far to share times of fellowship, celebration and gift giving. As educators, it’s important for us to remember how important our families are when it comes to supporting us in our professional. Our families support us through the stress, the evening planning, the meetings and the many events that are part of our profession.

During this holiday season, we should take time, unplug, and really enjoy this time of year with our families. We should also be thankful for the school families with whom we work. We spend a lot of time with our school families, relying on each other to get through the tough days, and cheering together as we celebrate our success. Finally, we should remember that our students are part of our school family. We provide them support, safety, food, caring, and love they need. Many of our students rely on us as family for their basic needs. This holiday season, let us celebrate and give thanks for the many families we have in our lives.

Written by Mike Kelly.

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