Hope is something all kids deserve, but not all of them have. Each day we have kids walk into our schools with very little or no hope within themselves. They do not all see their future story. Some do not see beyond their next meal. As educators, what if we all made it a top priority to instill HOPE within all of our kids? What if we found out each child’s history, and helped them make connections to a bright future? All kids deserve to see a bright future for themselves, and to begin working toward that future. In order for this to happen, adults must be the providers of hope. Our kids need their passions fostered and brought to the surface. When this happens, wishes become hopes and dreams that are attainable. When you interact with kids, seek to find the hope within them. If you cannot find it, create conditions for hope to grow, and be a part of building their future stories. Give them the gift of HOPE. Written by Bethany Hill 

Life without hope is like a voyage without a compass – author unknown.
As I reflect on this quote the power of the word hope truly hits me to the core. As a lead learner and former classroom teacher, I understand the importance of hope. The hope that all of our students are successful, not only in school, but more importantly in life, the hope that all their dreams come true, the hope that my team believes in and understands the power of and need for hope, finally a school community that believes that Carlisle Elementary School IS a place of HOPE. Our profession affords us the opportunity to be the voice and face of hope….are you? Written by Karen Norton


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