This past spring my friend, Brock, passed away, and at the funeral service our pal, Brandon, talked about Brock’s consistent ability to be intentional, calm, and peaceful. 

Brock was a remarkable man. At the age of 34, he accumulated more accolades than many will earn in a lifetime. 

Where there were loads of pointers I could have taken away from the eulogy, but what has stuck with me for months now is this… 


Know your place and be intentional” 


Brock was the man we all want our boys to grow up to be. He was an intentional husband, father, church elder, educator, and friend. He lived up to the notion shared by educational leader George Couros,  “the higher you go up in any organization, the more people you serve”. Brock was committed to living with integrity. He knew his place was to serve.


The higher your go, the more you serve. - GC

Integrity – Doing what you say you are going to do, at the time you say you are going to do it, at the level of commitment and effort you say you would do it at. 

Dr. Faulkner served well, lived courageously, and loved deeply. He made it a point to know each of his people on an intimate level.  Ed leaders, let’s be like Brock and serve our people!


As a campus leader, we need to do whatever it takes to make sure our campus is a safe, innovative and creative learning environment. One of the steps we take to achieve that is by doing what Brock did so well.

Know your place and be intentional.

Jeremy Stewart is a passionate educator, father,and husband. He serves as a high school assistant principal in College Station, TX. Additionally, Jeremy helped co-found , a weekly chat for educators in College Station. 

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