Joy. A simple three-letter word that can be quite difficult to define. To the untrained eye, Joy may appear to look like happiness. But there is much more to Joy than a laugh or a smile. You see, there is no emoji for Joy. A symbol could not possibly carry that much weight. And yet we can give it away with the lightest of gestures. And we should. No click. No swipe. No send button. Just simple acts of kindness letting others know that we care enough to notice what makes them happy. And in doing so we bring them Joy. Therein lies the distinction. Noticing. So take the time today and everyday hereafter to find out what makes someone smile. And then do that thing. In doing so you will not only make them smile. You will let them know that they matter. To you. Then my friend, you will have succeeded in bringing them Joy. (Written by Jon Harper)

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