“I was there. I was present.” We live in a busy world, and often times, we are there. But are we just going through the motions? Are we physically present, but emotionally and mentally absent? Presence is more than “being present.” It is giving time to another, being fully vested in the moment, in mind, body, and spirit. Our children need our presence in all of their moments, to celebrate, to console, to listen, to hug. Those are the moments we make the biggest difference, just being fully present. The relationships we form with others will have a lasting effect for years to come, far more than any curriculum, instruction, or activity. Be present to those around you. Your presence makes the difference in so many lives.  Written by Amy Heavin.

Your presence is requested! What does presence mean? Being physically present can define the word but does that alone make a difference? The short answer would be no. Making your presence felt is what makes the difference in other people’s lives. In this season when our days become filled with lots of added activities at school and with family and friends, take the time to make your presence felt. Have a positive attitude and smile to those you meet. A smile can change a person’s day! Engage others in a conversation and actively listen to what they are saying. Show you genuinely care! Take the extra time to encourage and support others so they know you have confidence and believe in them. Written by Lena Marie Rockwood.

Recently, I visited my sister and brother-in-law in rural Florida where I didn’t  have access to WiFi and I was in a for my cell phone. Why did it take not having access to my devices to slow down, not feel the need to multitask and be present? I enjoyed the time to personally connect with my family members, not feel the need to stay busy, and give my time and full attention. Its important during this season to unplug, focus on friends and family, and truly be present. Written by Mark French.

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