Leadupnow and Leadupchat bumperInitiate a Movement

We imagined a PLN that would bring education pioneers and divergents together to connect, inspire, collaborate, co-learn, and take risks. This would require a new kind of leadership, one that transcends any title, role, or traditional hierarchy.  A PLN (they now refer to themselves as a tribe) of this venture, magnitude, and vision would need to be built on a commitment to Connected Leadership, Culture, Shifts, and Growth. The enduring commitment to these four “pillars” lead to the birth of #LeadUpChat.



On Saturday morning, March 14, 2015,#LeadUpChat launched it’s first ever Twitter chat. Every Saturday morning since, educators and leaders from across the globe leverage the power of Twitter to collaborate, co-learn, and connect. #LeadUpChat seeks to challenge the status quo, revolutionize education, and develop leaders by posing compelling and thought provoking questions that aspire to shift paradigms collaboratively.



The most powerful component of LeadUpNow is the group of committed and collaborative leaders that continue these conversations beyond Saturday mornings (via Twitter and Voxer). These conversations are continual and reflective in nature. The tribe supports and affirms each other through their professional and personal walks. These remarkable individuals spawn change and become wave makers in their respective roles. To learn more about the tribe and their remarkable work, click here.


LeadUpChat to LeadUpNow

The tribe has banded together through a common vision. Our mission is to continually learn and reflect together, push each other’s thinking, and make an impact in our respective leadership roles. Our belief is that leadership transcends any title or role and that everyone has the capacity to lead up. The LeadUpNow tribe has started a movement. A movement that is calling YOU to act. Calling YOU to lead. To lead up now.



Jeff and Nathan