As educators we are in the wonder business. We wonder if we are doing the right thing for kids, if we are making a difference, what our students go home to and if we’ll ever get to all the paperwork. But more importantly we inspire wonder. As educators we have the chance to give others the tools needed to follow their wonderings and experience the gift of learning.

A sense of wonder transcends the “rose-covered glasses” idiom. It gives birth to unique creations, powerful innovations, and questions that haven’t been asked or haven’t been asked in a certain way. It helps us see every connection as an opportunity to truly get to know someone. To listen to their story and learn alongside of them.

Over these next 12 days and beyond let’s follow those wonderings, encourage others to do the same and make things wonderful. Doing so will inspire generosity beyond the season.

Written by Ben Dickson and Nathan Lang

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