Getting To Know Pleasure Through Nipple Clamps

Have you ever tried nipple clamps? Well, if you haven’t, you are missing out on something really exciting big time. Whether you are in a straight relationship or in a same-sex one, whether you are a woman or a man, nipple clamps are great for all. According to experts, nipple play releases the same chemical in brain that’s released during clit or G-spot play. And nipple clamps only take the pleasure to more intense heights. You must be looking forward to know more about nipple clamps by now. The good thing is the post below offers a brief on how nipple clamps could be your key to ultimate pleasure.

How do these toys work?

To understand how nipple clamps could heighten your pleasure levels, you need to understand the basic mechanism of the toy. As you can see the name here, nipple clamps are clamps that are used to squeeze nipples. It’s to stress here that nipples are powerful erogenous zones and house a cluster of dainty nerve endings. When your squeeze the clamp on nipple base, they hit on these nerve endings which eventually works wonders to stimulate you to the T. In other words, nipple clamps are amazing for your dream orgasmic bouts and take your big-O game to a whole new level altogether.

Now, let’s unfold the working principle of nipple clamps. Well, these sexy toys follow the mechanism of restriction and release. When you pose the clamp on nipples, they restrict or block blood flow to that part of the body. You will have to keep the clamps in place for a few minutes, say 5-10 minutes. Then, the moment you will take out the clamps, the clamped part would experience a sudden gush of rapid bloodflow which will immediately sweep you to a land of extreme pleasure.

It’s to note here, nipple clamps would start working with a hint of pain initially. Don’t you feel slight pain when someone squeezes you? It’s natural and pain is bearable. The same thing happens with nipple clamps. When the nipples are clamped, you feel a sharp sensation which is followed by a dumb ache till the clamps stay on your nipple. Then, as you take them out and blood reaches to the area, you are rewarded with an awesome sensation of pleasure like no other.

How to use your nipple clamps?

To ensure the best of pleasure through nipple clamps, you have to use them right. Here are some tips to follow to ensure the use of clamps at their best.

Know whether it’s right for you

Although nipple clamps promise bits of orgasm yet not everybody can enjoy these toys. To some the pain is too intense to tolerate. So, before you invest your hard earned money into clamps make sure it’s the right toy for you. You certainly have clothespins at home. Nipple clamps are just like them in function. So, you should first test your squeeze tolerance level with the clothespins. But don’t just put them on nipples.

The best area to test first is earlobes. Squeeze them on your earlobes for a few minutes. See if you can bear the pain. If you can, use them on nipples.  You will slight pain initially. But, if the pain seems to be tolerable for at least 5 minutes at a stretch, you can try out nipple clamps.

Buy the right one

You have to be careful about the type of clamp you buy to ensure a safe usage, especially when you are a beginner. You will find a wide variety of nipple clamps in the market today. Some allow you to adjust pressure while some don’t. When you are a beginner, it’s wiser to avoid those that don’t allow you to adjust pressure, like clover clamps. On the other hand, look for clamps that allow easy adjustment of pressure such as tweezer clamps. Moreover, these clamps even come with rubber tips to ensure comfortable clamping. Alligator clamps too allow adjustment of pressure but they are not really very convenient to operate, especially for a beginner. You won’t go wrong with nipple clams from, because of the premium materials used for their products.

Wait for erection

Don’t put nipple clamps on nipples in their normal state. Rather you should wait for erection before posing the nipple clamps on the nipples. It calls for a great foreplay session. If you are with a partner, ask him to engage in a passionate nipple play. Let him suck, lick, bite or kiss nipples to heighten your sensation and lead to erection. If you are alone, you can count on nipple suckers to enjoy erected nipples. It’s all about preparing your body for a new toy. You will feel more pain if you enforce the clamps on your nipples at their normal state. Don’t forget nipples are very delicate and sensitive. You will need to prepare them first for a solid nip play with nipple clamps.

Clamp down

Let’s assume your nipples are erected and ready for clamping. Now, you can take out the clamps and post them down on base of nipples. It would be better if your clamps come with a chain. It serves two purposes. One, you can heighten the pleasure by just tugging on chain. On the other hand, the chain helps to keep both the clamps together. It’s not uncommon to lose out on one of the clamps if the two clamps are two independent pieces.

How long?

You have to be mindful about the duration of clamping to ensure a safe usage of the clamps. As mentioned previously, the clamps restrict the blood flow to nipples. So, if you keep them on your body for a longer span, you might end up damaging your nerves. If you are a newbie, you should not allow clamping for more than 5 minutes. Once you get accustomed to the whole scene, you can stretch the time limit to 10 minutes. In no case, the time limit of clamping would exceed 15 minutes at a stretch.

Finally, make sure to buy your clamps from a reputed adult toy store to ensure original product.