Sexy women using dildos

How to choose a most massive Dildo and tips to use it

Impressive length and girth can scare those who have not used toys yet, but these dildos can give pleasure that you cannot get from others.


How to use a large dildo

To use the most massive dildo in the world, follow the simple instructions:


1. Wash it

Even if you cleaned the dildo for the last time or decided to try it, you still need to wash it with hot water and soap or wipe it with a special tool. This toy will get to the depths, so its purity is a guarantee of your health and hygiene.


2. Lubricate, lubricate and lubricate again!

The type of lubricant depends on the size and shape of your giant. It is better to take thick grease. If you have a fist dildo, then it is better for him to make a lubricant specifically for fisting.


3. Be careful

At first, entering a large dildo may not be so easy. Do it slowly and in such positions in which your body will be stretched. Try lying on your back, putting a pillow under your buttocks, pushing and lifting your legs. Or you can squat over a toy to better control the depth of penetration.


4. Examine yourself!

After you have entered the widest part of the dildo, your body must be very relaxed to get the most out of it. Some like to turn it inside to touch all the erogenous zones, while others prefer to move it back and forth. Experiment in search of what you want more, do it slowly and carefully so as not to cause harm.


What is a dildo-fist?


As the name suggests, this is a hand-made toy. Most dildos of this type are made in the form of a clenched fist, but there are other models, with the fingers put together for easier penetration. Loved by both women and men, dildo-fists stimulate the inner walls and create a feeling of “filling”. They also feel stretching, which many fantasise.


Is it safe to use a toy of this size?

Yes and no. If you use a large dildo correctly, then there should be no problems, but if you hurry and enter it without prior preparation, it can cause tissue rupture, pain or even bleeding. If you start gradually, first warming up with a small dildo, using lubricant and listening to the signals of your body, then you can enjoy the great toys. If you feel pain or discomfort, then stop. Your body is not yet ready for something so big, so wait, take more lubricant and be careful.

Many people are afraid that big dildos can stretch them, which will negatively affect sex with a partner. However, our bodies are characterised by elasticity, which will not allow stretching, and in a day or two, the pelvic muscles will return to normal. If the anxiety did not leave you, then try doing Kegel exercises.

These same tips apply to this fist, do not forget to remove jewellery from your hands and wash your hands thoroughly and, if necessary, trim your nails.


Tips for choosing and purchasing a dildo

Currently, there are many opportunities to diversify intimate life, for example, the use of toys for adults. With their help, sex will become more piquant, bright; they can also satisfy their physiological needs.
Dildo since ancient times was the most popular sex toy. This device, which now offers any sex shop, makes sex rich, better quality.

In stores for adults, there is a wide range of artificial members of various parameters, intended for both novice and “advanced” users. Therefore, people who have decided to buy a dildo for the first time are often lost. They find it difficult to understand which characteristics of the device are more important, how to make the correct choice and not to miscalculate.

So, when buying this toy, you should first pay attention to its dimensions. Those who have not previously used toys for adults should not immediately obtain a device of considerable size, because its use can cause a feeling of pain and discomfort. After such an unfortunate experience, the desire to use any sex toys will completely disappear.

The size of this device should be you “at the time,” that is, not small and not great. To correctly choose the length and diameter of the toy, purchase two cucumbers of different diameters. Then, having thoroughly washed and put condoms on them, insert them into the vagina in turn. With the help of a knife, you can adjust the cucumber to the required length. After completing all the measurements, you can look at the sex shop in Minsk and get a “comfortable” dildo.

The average diameter of this toy ranges from 3 to 5 centimetres, and its length is within 10 to 15 centimetres. For an intense sex game, it is advisable to choose a device longer (about 20 cm). Such a phallus is comfortable to hold in your hand during vaginal stimulation.

Paying attention to the shape of the dildo is essential. Some products are even, curved for the point G, ribbed and uneven, and also realistic (vessels can be seen on their surface). Please note that some models have suckers, others can be purchased on a belt. It is also important the quality of the material from which the artificial member is made. So, there are products made of glass, cyber skin, elastomer, silicone. Each element has its advantages and disadvantages. The best option for beginners is silicone.

The artificial penis is not only suitable for stimulating the vagina, but also for anal satisfaction. You can also buy a dildo in America with a vibration function, the intensity of which can be adjusted using the remote control.


Phalluses – copies of stars

A particular type of dildos – photographs of the penis of porn stars. Today, many actors can make an impression of their dignity, and then sex toys go on sale, which completely replicates the form of their member. On the packaging indicated – whose copy it is. At the same time, appearance and bending are perfectly embodied, and colouring is sometimes done manually to repeat all the nuances in the photograph.

Phalluses – copies make it possible to translate pornography shots into reality. Women often stare at the bodies of the video participants, and now they can be bought for their use. Usually, they are realistic models of delicate materials. The marked difference is the high price of sex heroes’ dildos. Yes, and let them out only large companies that enter into a solemn contract with persons whose genitals are repeated.
What is the use of large dildo for women?

Uncovering female sensitivity is a long but fascinating process. It can occur in a pair, but it is much easier to do it alone. That dildo can help the lady to understand their preferences. And this is not the only plus use of the phallus.

Stimulation of the vagina and anus with a giant dildo causes strong arousal, the influx of large amounts of blood to the pelvic organs. As a result, the functioning of this area is improved, congestion is prevented, and the likelihood of the development of dozens of female diseases is reduced.

When stimulating with a giant dildo, sensitive endings are activated. As a result, sex with a partner begins to bring much more pleasure. For example, the activated point G helps to experience multiple and jet orgasms, but it is easier to wake her alone than with a partner.

The dildo stimulates zones that do not work during intimacy with a man. Usually, women masturbate in different poses, they often differ from the usual positions with a partner, and therefore sensations are entirely different. Such an experience can suggest which poses are worth a try in a pair.

During masturbation with a sex toy, it is straightforward to relax completely. No need to think about another person, take care of your appearance. Lack of constraint liberates, helps relieve tension that has accumulated over the years.

You can buy a phallus of any size. No need to adapt to the length or width that is. In stores hundreds of options with any diameters. And you can use what suits and satisfies. And if one is tired, you can always replace it with another.

Use dildos recommend sex-pathologists from different countries. A woman should examine her body to help her partner realise all her desires. Research always begins alone, and sex toys become great helpers.