Stimulating Girls

we awaken here yes your coffee’s a bed no the sheets or anything it’s nothing more beautiful than a woman when you can actually see here wait sniffing face burglary what is the going rate for voting in Paris you’ve read through your sisters right encyclopedia piece and all that you know a woman of your elegance should not be selling yourselves for money you could be testing for better things I will prove it to you I just need to get some money together resin you can encounter such youth beauty in a woman is to improve on it shows shocking self-control there’s buting


carlos son look who has come to see you help me to convince him to appear in the tests of fine arts are augura in June would have to prepare a little hello carlos I know you do not want to see me but I needed to say goodbye well the people marc separately wanted you to know that it’s been the best thing that has happened to me in my life and I’m sorry I hurt you but the monkey and that ended was a mistake you know about my sister and when she picked her up I thought it was our daughter I love you and I think I’ll love you always until it seems a good blister I think I did it to try to forget you and that you will forget me but fail to be with you has been more beautiful and romantic that has happened to me in life and I regret having told you what we did to the girls between chorus no one has given me as much pleasure as you have not answered me this I have done so that you do not forget in our I have to repeat many times this running of sex with you is wonderful and I want you to know that my heart is yours always will be and that whenever you tell me you will have now I want to have you now show me that it is not just words maybe love call it what you want but it is talk you are not good so maybe it would help me a kiss less not I want nothing else to fall over faster faster we realize that we can not live a century we can see is the cold