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The internet can be a dark and scary place when it comes to sex.  Between leaked naked selfies, porn ads nsfw, and the hateful YouTube comment section, it can sometimes feel as if attitudes towards sex are desperately lacking in positivity. So, we want to celebrate a few rad individuals who are working to cheer up the cyber universe and share their top tips for a happy, healthy sex life.


You don’t know what you don’t know about the clit. But that’s OK! Our Cliterate re-educator Jenny Block is here to give you the basics you might be missing — flashcards and study groups not required.


She’s an actress, comedian, producer, filmmaker, and model with a YouTube channel that has about 1.9 million subscribers.


Women get honest about their sex lives.


Hannah Witton talks about sex positivity. Whatever you are doing it’s okay as long as you do it as consenting adults. It is all about consent, giving your permission to enjoy things about sex.


Ever wonder what those newfangled feminists are talking about with their “social justice” terminology and academic lingo? Here’s a handy guide to learn the basics of feminism.