bullet vibrators used by sexy women

Small but mighty: a review of the vibrator mini-bullet

Undoubtedly many of you have heard of objects to stimulate different parts of the body, bringing real pleasure. Vibrator mini-bullet is the most successful acquisition for this purpose.
Power, which is enclosed in this little thing, is fantastic. But the cost of the toy is meagre: ideal for those who are just beginning to get acquainted with such devices. After using this next to you will choose according to the same high criteria.


Advantages of bullet vibrators:

• High power ;
• Several modes of steady vibration.

Disadvantages of bullet vibrators:
• Very loud;
• The end of the bullet is too small.


Purpose of bullet vibrators

The vibrator mini-bullet is designed for external stimulation of various parts of the body. This is the type of vibrator that can give joy to every woman out there. Massive power with a small size is the main achievement of the manufacturer. Sometimes it may seem that the pledged power is too high even for you.

To get the even cooler buzz, you can combine a bullet with a dildo. Inserted sex toy in combination with a strong vibration delivers unearthly orgasm. In such a combination, you have never experienced such a powerful and bright orgasm.

True, this thing is too loud. So at night, the neighbours will rejoice for you. But it can be used not only with a partner, but also separately from him, as a dessert. For example, at the most reliable power, you can get an orgasm even through jeans! It’s a real gem for female pleasure.


The material used for vibrators

Mini-bullet made of hard plastic. Moreover, the wire connecting the bullet and the console is very fragile and thin, so you need to be careful with it. However, it is long enough to use a ball in various poses. To work, you need two AA batteries. The lid that covers this compartment broke after the second use and this, of course, a significant drawback of the product.

But if again about the good, then the plastic from which the vibrator is made is comparable with any lubricants. This is an indisputable advantage of a toy: no need to seek out special oils. And you will also notice that when opening a package with a bullet there was no unpleasant smell. This is also an indicator of high-quality plastic. This is the kind of vibrator used in shooting photos for porn film ads because of the said quality.

Size and shape

The design of this bullet is excellent. It is ideal for clitoris stimulation, and for that, you love her very much. But you can experience it for anal stimulation, and during oral sex, and on the chest and neck. In short, what excites you, then stimulate. Just keep in mind that the battery compartment is moisture permeable, so if liquid gets inside, a short circuit may occur. And it will be quite risky. Since the mini-bullet is very compact, you can easily take it with you on a trip or a business trip.



The main advantage of the bullet is a strong vibration that passes through the entire product. At the same time management is quite simple and allows you to keep full control over the operation of the device. You need to turn the wheel to adjust the power.
With a bullet, you can masturbate, slightly sticking it to the naked vagina or through clothes. In general, in the process of using, you will understand which option you like best. Simple operation makes the procedure more than enjoyable.


Care and maintenance

After the bullet arrives at you, be sure to wash it with water and soap. This is quite enough to start using the gizmo for its intended purpose. Also, do not store batteries inside the toy: this will protect it from premature battery discharge and breakage. In short, easy to store, easy to clean, convenient to use!


Less yes better: what is vibropuli

The evolution of the shape and size of vibrators over the past century and a half has travelled from a giant monster, working from a steam engine to a little vibropuli with many modes of vibration. She proved to everyone that size does not matter!

In general, the term itself has difficulties. For quite some time now, any vibrator that can be hidden in a fist is called vibropula. But when the word first came into use, it meant not an independent gadget, but a motor attachment. These were inserted to enhance sensations in erection rings, for example, or in vibrators for two.
Then the manufacturers thought and thought and chose to make the built-in motors: if you won’t – turn on the vibration, if you don’t want it – don’t turn it on. So it is more convenient than collecting a toy in parts for speed.
One problem: there were tons of stocked mini-motors in the warehouses, shape and size resembling bullets. Where to put them? Dress prettier and make an independent trend! In coloured silicone or “gold”, the bolts acquired a very marketable appearance. It is much more marketable than a regular vibrator of the ordinary size.


Dimensions and materials

Since this is a small vibrator, one should not expect a variety of forms for this sex gadget. By and large, a toy is of two types – a vibrating blade and a vibro-egg, the first is a mini-vibrator, and the second is a submersible toy with external control, intended for the inner region of the vagina or anus. Dimensions – no more than 7 cm in length and 3 cm in diameter. Many vibropuli have additional attachments or particular branches at the tip for extra stimulation. Branches sometimes stick out like bunny ears, but professionals usually still call them bullets, so as not to be confused with a classic rabbit vibrator (standard sizes dildo with a branch for stimulating clitoris).

In the ceremonial conjugal games, the vibrators can be used to stimulate the penis – massage the bridle, scrotum, head, and perineum area and also to search and stimulate erogenous zones on the male and female body. Men can try using vibrator to repress lust inside them.

The manufacturer named it aa massage bullet, so no one has any doubt. It vibrates, and you spend it or roll it (the cylindrical shape allows it) through the body. In an old-fashioned way it can be used as a motor attachment to strap-on and erection rings.

One more subtle, but a big plus of this toy: this gadget can not only be shamelessly put at the bedside table, but it can also even be worn on a chain around your neck (metal vibro-flocks are sometimes made especially like designer jewellery) or used as a flash drive.