Sexy women using yoni eggs

Yoni Egg Science: You can enjoy several benefits from it


In this article you will came to know why jade eggs are so beneficial for women’s health and women’s energy. From ancient times, inquisitive and practical Chinese secretly passed on to their students’ knowledge of the healing properties of jade for the organism as a whole, and especially for the genitourinary sphere of men and women.

Jade – a unique stone, which since ancient times was considered the favorite stone of the Chinese emperors. The shape of the egg is the most ancient symbol, in many nations it embodies the infinity of being, the extension of the race, the continuity of generations, as an amulet of life stability and the maintenance of the tradition of the race. Since time immemorial, the wives and concubines of the Chinese emperor and noblemen used jade eggs to develop and strengthen intimate muscles.

It is not surprising why in the erotology of China the names of the female and male reproductive organs are associated with this stone. In men, the jade rod or stalk that enters a woman, in women, the jade gate or cave that hosts the jade rod, the jade chamber, the uterus and jade clusters, are eggs in the ovaries that can give new life to the offspring.

If you have glanced here, it means that you have already heard something about the benefits of jade. Next, read very carefully, because in the networks you will find many myths and tales about this mineral. When you talk about the healing properties of minerals, you need to distinguish two sides of the same coin, namely:
Physical and chemical properties, or what really works at the level of the body and what the official science confirms;

Magic properties, or what is not visible, it is difficult to prove on the devices, but it works at the level of energy and has been successfully used for thousands of years. Consider more.


Physicochemical properties

How do jade products (eggs, balls, plates) affect the body?

  • Warm up the tissues of the body, both outside and inside. In the vaginal canal, the temperature is created a little higher than usual, as a result of which the pathogenic micro-flora dies;
  • Turns chaotic body heat into structured (wave) heat, and jade vibrations correspond to heart rhythms.

In essence, the effects of jade are equivalent to physiotherapy procedures.


What effects:

  • Destroys pathogenic bacteria, harmful micro-flora, increases libido, while it itself is resistant to the effects of the pathogenic environment, not “infected”;
  • Cure vaginitis (colpitis), thrush, inflammatory processes of the urogenital system, the unpleasant smell disappear from the vagina;
  • The pain in the stomach quickly passes, especially when stress arises, as well as toothache and headache (a plate on the cord on the stomach, on the forehead or on the cheek);
  • The possibility of diagnosing diseases is improved, the clinical picture of urogenital diseases is clarified;
  • Personally, in practice there are several cases of fragmentation and the natural release of kidney stones;
  • Smoothing wrinkles when applying plates on the face, especially the alternation of warm and cold plates.

How and by what reason does this happen?

Nephrite is a very warm material, i.e. it is able to accumulate and store heat for a long time, transferring this heat to the tissues of the body (and cold during cooling). It has a tangled – microfiber structure (actinolite and tremolite fibers) and a hidden – crystal lattice (amphibole group mineral).

The mineral is able to stop the processes of decay and decomposition of tissues. So, in 1983, excavations were made of the burial of a single Khan Princess, who lay in a spacesuit made of jade plates. It is just not decomposed in 2200 years without embalming. Her skin has not lost its elasticity. There was no decay at all; it seemed to dry up. Moreover, at the time of death, she was pregnant, and the fetus was preserved in her.


Energy (magic) properties

On the one hand, jade are a stone of the Rulers of Heaven and the emperors of China, symbolizing cosmic energy, perfection, strength, power, integrity, immortality. On the other hand, over millions of years, jade has gathered the strength and power of the earth. According to Taoist alchemy, a person combines the energy of Heaven and Earth, and at the level of the body, the energy of the sky (space) is in the head cavity, the energy of the earth is in the abdominal cavity, and in the chest cavity the energy of the person is concentrated as a harmonious union of the sky (yang) and earth yin) is the energy of qi. Having a fibrous structure (vibration basis), jade is a long-wavelength conductor and information carrier since ancient times, and the crystal lattice helps the mineral to rid the wearer of the bad, destructive energy of diseases or negative emotions and at the same time not to become infected.


What effects:

  • By placing an egg in the vaginal canal, we strengthen the Earth within us, cultivating our power and vitality;
  • Nephritis harmonizes blood cells. The amazing viscosity of the gem has a positive effect on all fluids in the body;
  • Carrying eggs or jade products enhances the Qi energy of those organs with which objects are in close proximity;
  • Nephritis enhances the regeneration of our body tissues at the cellular level, rejuvenates the body, prolongs life;
  • Possesses a strong energy potential and the ability to transfer its charge to its owner in difficult life situations;
  • During long-term interaction with jade, many women notice that vanity gradually disappears and softness and fluidity appear;

In sex, there is a shift of emphasis from mechanical actions to a deeper sense of internal states.


Jade Myths

You will find many articles about the fact that jade perfectly gives molecules (ions) of calcium and magnesium in a humid environment, and that is why it should be carried in the vagina, put in a bath, there is from jade dishes: Do not believe!

Jade or Yoni does contain many useful trace elements, its chemical formula – oxides of calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon dioxide often with additives of sodium, aluminum, manganese, nickel, chromium and copper whole periodic table! But at the same time it is extremely dense, durable and inert material, i.e. not reacting with the environment in which it is placed. That is why in ancient China they made dishes from it! Through the influence of a liquid medium, only the wave energy properties of jade can be enhanced. In order for nephrite to start emitting ions of microelements, such conditions are necessary (very high temperature and pressure), which are not in everyday life!

But with the help of yoni egg science in China, many diseases have been successfully cured. Avicenna was treating nephritis with gastrointestinal disease, only these were special proven recipes.