Male Kegel Exercises are Easier with Sexy Women

Kegel exercises for men: benefits, how to do and results

Kegel exercises for men are used to treat urinary incontinence, improve performance during intimate contact and particularly helpful in the fight against premature ejaculation and the fight against erectile dysfunction. The main Benefits of male kegel exercises are:

• Fight against the involuntary loss of urine;
• Fight premature ejaculation;
• Increase the time of ejaculation;
• Fight erectile dysfunction;
• Increase the health of the prostate
• Improves control of the stool;
• Increase the sensitivity of the intimate region;
• Improve sex.

Kegel exercises in men improve pubococcygeus tension muscles, raise the testicles, and also strengthen the premaster and anal sphincter and therefore increased sensitivity in the genital area and increased self-esteem, promoting well-being.

These exercises are perfect for treating urinary incontinence after weaning of the prostate and must be done daily after this surgery. Learn the symptoms, the causes and how can be the treatment of male urinary incontinence.


How to do Kegel exercises for men

To do Kegel exercises man must urinate and then he must:

• Stop or decrease the urine stream at the time of urination to identify the muscle that needs to be worked.
• Try to contract the muscle that was identified when the urine stream stopped.
• The contraction should be done with force, but in the beginning, it is normal to last about 1 second, but with practice, the shrinkage can be maintained longer.

Kegel exercises should be performed at least 3-8 times a day, every day, and the number of contractions required is 300 in total. Once you have learned to contract the muscle properly, you can do decreases anywhere while sitting, lying or standing. At first, it is easier to start Kegel exercises lying on your side.


When you see the results

The results of Kegel exercises can be seen in the first month, but when the goal is to treat urinary incontinence, the result may take three months to 1 year to get noticed and may sometimes need other physiotherapeutic procedures.


6 Amazing Benefits of Kegel Exercises for Men

Do you want to practice Kegel exercises? Before discovering them, sex experts propose you to explore all the advantages that they provide to motivate you efficiently. Most men decide to perform Kegel exercises to control their ejaculation better, keep those love balls healthy and improve the quality of their erections. But these exercises can also provide you with other amazing benefits. Some men do not perform Kegel exercises properly, which makes their condition worse, not better. If you decide to try them, you will find specific instructions in my guide to enlarge the penis.


Control of Ejaculation

This is probably the best-known benefit of Kegel exercises: they can treat the problems of premature ejaculation. Strengthening PC and BC muscles can help you delay your ejaculation at the right time. When you are about to ejaculate during a report, you can contact the PC and BC muscles to delay your orgasm. This exercise can, therefore, be used as a last resort. This interruption gives you the opportunity to rest, change your position or do anything that will allow you to delay your orgasm before resuming your sexual activity.


Learn to Release to the Right Muscles during Sexual Intercourse

Some men’s problems can sometimes get worse during intercourse. This usually happens because they think they should perform the exercises continuously during sexual activity, but this is a mistake because this practice tends to accelerate ejaculation.

Unfortunately, men do not understand that the kegel exercises they use to train should be done just before orgasm. Before that, they should try to relax the muscles of their pelvic floor.

Now everyone knows that you have to relax your pelvic muscles during intercourse to delay ejaculation. Expert recommend using standard Kegel exercises as a last resort, so you will discover two different techniques that can control ejaculation.


Improve the quality of erections, firmness and penis size

Here’s the relation between kegel exercise and sex with regard to a man’s penis;

• By increasing the size of your erect penis
• By improving the firmness of your erect penis

This method can help you get erections more easily. This can be helpful, especially for men who have trouble keeping their construction when trying to put on a condom. This technique can also help men who have erectile dysfunction. It can also help you prolong your erection, or even experience multiple male orgasms.
Increase the flow and quantity of sperm expelled

Some men have noticed that strengthening the pelvic muscles can increase the amount of sperm expelled during ejaculation. Some men also find that this method allows them to ejaculate harder. It’s not useful, but it’s still fun and comforting for the ego.


More intense orgasms

Strengthening pelvic floor muscles can increase the intensity of your orgasms. If you manage to delay your ejaculation without interrupting your orgasm, you may be able to experiment with multiple male orgasms during your sexual intercourse.


Treat problems of incontinence and urinary leakage

Kegel exercises help treat incontinence problems as they help you strengthen the muscles you use when trying to hold your urine. Some men may have small leaks after urination. Other men have urinary leakage when they laugh, sneeze, or struggle. They can treat these problems by strengthening their pelvic muscles through Kegel exercises.


Risks of practising Kegel exercises incorrectly

You have all heard of the benefits of this type of training, as they help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, that is, those that support the bladder, urethra and rectum. However, there are certain types of problems that can cause if you do not get them to perform correctly; these can generate poor positioning in the pelvis, the body, tensions in the tissues, among others.

If the tensions are large or old can generate internal contractures, which cause problems such as pain during sexual intercourse or poor muscle functioning. This does not mean that you will have to stop doing them, then expert show you the two most common mistakes you can make while performing the Kegel.

You squeeze very hard. This occurs when the muscles are weak, and you tend to force them to tone up faster. But the risk is that the problems of the pelvic floor are not always caused by having weak muscles, usually due to that muscle is out of balance, poorly controlled or contracted.

To improve this, the reverse Kegel must be done, and this technique is different but just as important as the regular ones.

Make the Kegel with the contracted muscles. This can aggravate the problem causing the muscles to be more rigid, which can lead to incontinence and increase intra-abdominal pressure instead of strengthening that area.
The correct way to perform these exercises is to play them with an empty bladder, and then you will have to lie on your back with your legs bent. Then imagine that you are stopping the expulsion of urine, you should feel a feeling of squeezing and lifting. It is essential to perform the Kegel without contracting the abdomen, pressing the legs or holding the breath. You must maintain that pressure for ten seconds, and then relax for another ten seconds.